We Have Arrived! Speaking & a Photoshoot in Conneticut!

As I slowly started waking up this morning, I realized my bed didn’t feel how it normally feels, and wait, my pillow feels different too… “We’re not in Kansas – I mean – Nashville anymore…” That’s right – we’re in Connecticut!

A few months ago Zach and I were invited out to this great state (29th most populated state with 3.4 million residents, thank-you Wikipedia) by some of the coolest cats in the photography world – Justin & Mary Marantz! These guys are great people and have fantastic work and we’re looking forward to the next 2.5 days hanging here with them!

Our time here will consist of chillin’, talking shop, Justin & Mary want to do a photo shoot of us, and on Wednesday we will be speaking at their photography group they lead. We’re excited for this trip and it’s nice to hand out in a new city with some new friends!

As soon as we stepped off the plane we experienced exciting & magical things (see video below) and we know only more exciting things are to come… ha ha ha… Seriously, check out this video… We have never seen anything like it before… or maybe we’ve just been deprived. :)