Welcome to the new and improved Blog 2.0! :)

Hey guys!

Jody and I have been busy little beavers this past few weeks gearing up for the PASS Premier Tour (which we leave for today!) and we are stoked to announce that the blog has been updated for you, our awesome readers!!

A HUGE thanks to AlliMay Designs and Nick Redmond for their combined geniuses to make this blog happen! We cannot recommend these guys enough!

The biggest change to our blog is the new sub-header that we have!

You will notice some amazing new features like:

Promotions – The promotions are our latest news and updates of things that we know you will be interested in! From current workshops to featured weddings and speaking gigs, this is the place to find them! The promotions are the ones that are scrolling at the top left of the blog just under our header!

Info Tabs – The info tabs are just underneath the scrolling promotions and give you access to exactly the things that you may be interested in seeing! Brides can click on the “brides” tab, photographers can click on the “photographers” tab and these will take you to resources that we have created just for you!

Quick Links – The quick links are just to the right of the info tabs and will give you a blog roll on anything that is listed, from past workshops to featured weddings, they are all there! Just scroll down after clicking to see the content!

Collapsible Blog Posts – Now, with the exception of the first blog post, all the other posts can be opened when you want to see them to allow you to look for the content you want even faster! Cool!

Facebook Commenting – Now, when leaving a comment, you can sign in and keep the conversation going through Facebook or Twitter! You can “like” us and send the info on at will!

Speed – We have significantly sped up the entire blog so that you can get where you want, when you want even faster!

We are super excited to be able to continue to share content that you need and are looking for, so leave us some love and let us know what you think of the update! See you all on the tour!


Zach & Jody Gray