Westcott Top Pro Tour Recap! | The Nashville Leg

Yesterday evening was the Nashville Westcott Top Pro Tour stop and we had such a great time!

It was held at Dury’s Downtown Pro Shop here in Nashville, and the turnout was great. If you ever need anything photography, Dury’s has it, and the man you need to talk to when you hit them up is Nick Coury. Nick is passionate about photography and photographers and is a great new addition to the team at Dury’s.

So without further ado, here is a little recap of the event!

The room set up and ready to go just before the attendees came in…

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We talked through some of our lighting techniques, and then did some Online Media marketing as part of our workshop (image courtesy of our awesome model and friend, Elly)!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We then headed outside to do a live demo and show everyone how we shoot on-location lighting images. (First two below images courtesy of Ron Rice).

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We took a before shot here in the parking lot behind Dury’s to show what the existing light looked like.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Then, we set up the strobe, took another shot and this is what we came up with.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Amber from Westcott was on-location with us shooting video of the entire event! This is the woman behind the Top Pro Tour and she has been amazing!!!! They shot video of every stop on the tour and you can purchase all 30 hours plus of every speaker from 26 cities on the Westcott site! Pretty cool!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

David Piazza was also on-location and taught lighting and technique to the crowd. The below shot is of him taking some iPhone 4 footage of when we were doing our on location demo. :) When he taught after us he showed how you can use Westcott’s constant lighting and talked through lots of other super cool shooting stuff!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

For those of you interested in catching another stop on the tour, check out the price & locations below, or click HERE to see the full schedule! You can also join the Facebook Top Pro Tour Fan Page!




  • http://paulconradphotography.com/ Paul Conrad

    Great workshop. Loved the lighting technique, and I can’t wait to try some of the social marketing tips. Thanks!

  • http://www.chesleysummarphotography.com chesley

    that before & after shot make me so excited for next monday!!

  • http://www.bobbiealdridgephotography.com Bobbie Aldridge

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed very much and got some great tips.

  • http://www.nancymitchellphotography.com Nancy Mitchell

    You guys ROCK! Hoping to one day attend your workshops!

  • http://paumenphotography.com Darling Paumen

    Love Love Love your sense of humor. I met you for the first time via my photovision DVDs – the most recent one and I just want to say – wow – !!! love your art!!!
    Keep it up guys! you are an inspiration to all… hope to meet you in person soon…