What Not To Miss at WPPI

We are so excited for WPPI this coming weekend!

We wanted to share with you the places we will be, (come say hi!) and other classes not to miss!


3:00pm – (Doors open and band begins at 2:50) – Platform Class | How To Avoid What Most Small Businesses Do – Fail (1.5 hours)

2:00pm – Speaking at the Westcott Booth (tradeshow floor) | 3 Keys to On-Location Lighting (30 minutes)

2:00pm – Speaking at the Expo Imaging Booth (tradeshow floor) | How the Expo Disc Gave us Our Life Back (30 minutes, Listen to us share how we use the Expo disc to save us multiple hours in post-production)


Other classes NOT to miss:

Dane Sanders | Going to Market: Maximizing Portrait and Wedding Profits (Sunday, 9:00am)
Jared Bauman | Pricing & Packages Made Simple (Sunday 12:00pm)
Lawrence Chan | Content Marketing & Social Media: The Secrets to More Bookings and Online Engagements (Monday 4pm)
Blair Phillips | Absolute Refusal to Blend In: Senior Photography that Rocks (Tuesday 4pm)
Jared Platt | Profitable Post-Production Using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 (Tuesday 4pm)
Sal Cincotta | Weddings: Making Real Money Doing What You Love – Tips, Tricks, and Business Advice for Everyone (Tuesday 6:30pm)
Justin & Mary Marantz | The Bottom Line (Wednesday 8:30am)
Sue Bryce | Contemporary Portrait Posing (Wednesday 8:30am)


We can’t wait to see you all! Please don’t be shy and make sure to come and say hi!