Win to Have Your Reception Lighting Taken to the Next Level!

Have you ever been stuck in a really cruddy lighting situation either outdoors with nothing to bounce your flash off of, or indoors, but the walls and ceilings are miles away or made entirely of dark wood or some material nearly impossible to us bounce flash? So what can you do to bring in some lighting awesomeness to your shots?

We would like to share with you the Rouge FlashBender by Expo Imaging.

We found ourselves in the above lighting dilemma when we were shooting a wedding here at a venue right outside of Nashville – all the walls were brick and the ceiling was wood. There wasn’t too much ambient light in the room either except for a LITTLE bit of uplighting and Italian hanging lights. So we put on the biggest flashbender that came in our 3-piece kit (10″ x 11″) because remember, the bigger the light-source, the softer the light, and for extra effect, we took our flash off-camera. Then for fun, we set up a kicker light in the background shooting toward back at our awesome couple. (At the time we had our flashes controlled by the Pocket Wizard Pluss II Transmitter & Transceiver but have since switched to the CyberSync Transmitter and CyberSync Receiver).


(To view more reception shots from Aaron & Mallory’s wedding, follow this link to view their wedding blog post).

Pretty cool, eh? AND, it gets even cooler… The reason it’s called the Rouge FlashBENDER is because you can actually bend the rouge to help direct the light where you want it to go.

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Win to have your reception lighting taken to the next level thanks to @ExpoImaging & @ZachandJody. More info:

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Winner will receive: Rouge FlashBender 3-Piece Kit

Value: $104.85

Read more information on the flashbender on Expo Imaging’s Website.

Prize Redemption:
Winner will be announced on our blog, Friday October 28th, and it will be the responsibility of the winner to contact GrayPhotography ( within 24 hours with mailing address or new winner will be chosen.

Prize cannot be redeemed for cash.


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