Would you like some Relish with your Invitations?

This post has been too long in coming! It is finally time to share with our blog readers the suh-weet ladies of RELISH!!

(L to R – Stephanie, Leann, Rebecca)

Once again, Zach and I would like to take you back to our days of wedding planning. We like to think we’re a cool, vibe-a licious couple, and we wanted invitations to reflect that! Well no can do. We had the hardest time finding invitations that were cool and reflected us. Sooooooo we resorted to making our own invitations. I do say so myself that they turned out pretty well, but it took a lot of time and who has tons of time when you’re planning you’re wedding?? Well, never fear – there are new ways now to do your invitations!!!!!

At least a month or so ago we visited the offices of the Relish Gals! We hung out with Stephanie & Rebecca (founders), met Leann Cooper (Chairwoman), Dustin (production manager) and just had a grand ‘ol time :) These ladies are setting the trend with invitations, and on their site you can create your very own custom invitations, and the best part – you don’t have to assemble them!!!!! The staff at Relish does all the work! They do invitations of all kinds – not just wedding invites! The options are endless.

Make sure to check out their blog as well as website!

To see their video interview with Ashley from
Ashley’s Bride Guide

Wedding invitation making with Relish is truly an experience!

Now here is us with the ladies :)