Preparing for WPPI and Where to Find Zach & Jody!

We are sooo stoked to be heading to Vegas for WPPI and Showit United this weekend and are stoked to see soooo many of you! WPPI and Showit UNITED are going to be amazing and whether this is your very first time coming, or your 20th, we know that this event can literally be crazy with all the things to do, see and experience. So, below is our full-schedule of where you can come and see and connect with us and we have also linked to Karen Stott’s awesome post on the WPPI Survival Guide!

So below is where you can connect with us and hear different talks and things that we are going to be a part of!

Sunday Morning the 19th at 9am – WPPI Platform Class! “Engaging with the Engaged”


This is a 2 hour talk on how we have built our business grassroots style with clients being our biggest source of referral! You can PRE-BOARD HERE to be sure that you can get in by clicking “ADD TO PLANNER!”.

We have heard, but are not sure, that the pre-board for this this class may be full, so get in now if it isn’t! If you can’t pre-board, make sure that you show up for the class, then once all the pre-boarded peeps get in, if there is room left, you can then get in too! :) Be sure to check your schedule to know exactly where the class will be held.



Sunday from 2 to 6pm – Get Engaged in Vegas with Zach & Jody – Workshop (sold-out)

For those of you that made it into this workshop, we have sent you the details and can’t wait to hang in our suite with you and shoot an amazingly hot couple on the streets of Vegas!



Monday & Tuesday at 1pm – Top Barista Training – Zach Gray from Cafe-Z and many others!

I (Zach) as many of you know, LOVE espresso, so me and the awesome team at Showit United are putting on a few coffee-making workshops for those of you who love the brew! I am teaching two classes on how to create the perfect espresso and how to micro-foam milk so it looks like glass and tastes like heaven!

These classes are open to anyone (even though the entire Showit United conference is completely sold-out!) and will be held in the Signature hotel that is attached to the MGM Grand in Tower 3. Click HERE then click on the coffee icon for more info!



Monday 4pm – Showit United Panel Discussion – Creating New Clients


Jody and I will be sitting in on a Q and A panel exclusively for Showiteers (those who use Showit) answering questions on how to Create New Clients at the Signature hotel attached to the MGM! This class is completely sold-out, but for those of you who have a spot, be there early to get good seats!!



Monday 7pm – 10pm – UNITE – A Time for Christian Photographers To Connect & Encourage – Signature at the MGM, Tower 2

This is now the 3rd year of UNITE at WPPI and last year it was standing room only (over 200 photographers!). This event is open to anyone and everyone.

If you are a Christian photographers or interested in talking more about what that means, then this is the place to be! It is about 3 hours long and there will be some discussion from some leaders in the industry, a time of singing songs (like you would at church) and a time to connect with other photographers in your area that want to run their businesses with integrity, honesty and figure out what God is calling them to do in this industry. It will be amazing!!



Monday 8:30pm – creativeLIVE Meet-UP!

For those of you that saw us on creativeLIVE and love that platform, the team at CL is having a meet-up with some of their course presenters and YOU! If you want to come and hang with us and other creativeLIVE presenters, then this is the place to be!!

The location of the meet-up will be announced on Twitter by @creativeLIVE on SUNDAY the 19th, so be sure to check Twitter and make sure that you are following them! We will also tweet about it, but news will first come from them!


Tuesday 11am – Westcott Booth Lighting Talk – TradeShow Floor Booth 1709 – Marquee Ballroom

We are doing a lighting demo at the Westcott Booth on the tradeshow floor from 11am to 11:45 and this is open to anyone! Want to learn some of our lighting techniques first hand by the company that we use to light our clients?? Then this is the place that you want to be!! Come and check it out!



Wednesday 1pm – ShowitUnited Meet-up – Private Q & A


Is it just us, or is Showit United the place to be this year?? :) For those of you that have seats we are excited to hang! We are doing a private Q and A with us and you (15 photographers) for an hour at the Signature hotel. This event is also completely sold-out!




Wednesday 2pm – 2:45pm – Showit United Conference Room B – 3 Steps to Bigger Sales


Jody and I are giving a talk on sales for Showit United, again, exclusively for Showiteers (those who use Showit), so if you have a ticket, be there early to get a good seat! This event is also sold-out.



WPPI Survival Guide!!!



New to WPPI or not sure what to do, bring and go to? Check out Karen Stott’s blog post HERE to get your ducks in a row!! Definitely a must-read!


Those are all of the official events that we are doing and we will be walking to and from various places and know that we will see and bump into many of you! See you all in Vegas!!!!