WPPI Zach and Jody Style! | Las Vegas Desert Shoot

We had the awesome privilege of hosting a Master Class at WPPI this year which is a class that 35 photographers pay extra to come to and get a 2 hour classroom time that is specific to a certain area of photography. You don’t really get to go out and shoot much, and with this classes focus being on lighting, we wanted to do something extra special for our crew! So, we decided to hire two models, rent and borrow 6 different cars and head out with as many peeps as wanted to come and set out to the desert at 9am for an impromptu shoot as the sun came up! Whew!

It was an amazing time of shooting and we let all the photographers who came out (19 in all) shoot a few set-ups and we rocked them out! We had the coolest location to shoot at which was a dry lake bed in Jean, NV about 35 minutes from downtown Vegas (thanks Chelsea and Jared for your local expertise!). Major props to the photographers who came out – we had a call time of 5:15 AM. Whew!

The amazing Heather and Eugene of 2duce2.com came out to do some behind the scenes video and the whole morning was super fun and cool! We were so blessed to be able to connect with our class in a unique way (since we did this shoot the day before our actual Master Class) and we already have some new friends that we will stay in touch with for a long time to come. Check out the shots below!!

Unloading the car as the sunrise was quickly coming up… you can see what the natural light looks like.

The models getting ready as the sun begins to pop up over the mountains!!

Love this shot because you can see the warm sun coming up and our breath – it was COLD out!

Explaining the setup…

The landscape was amazing out there!

The group shooting…

One of our models drove out with this super cool custom Mustang, so we just HAD to get a few shots with it!

Taking a moment to explain the setup.

Here is the whole crew that came out! Thanks everyone for hanging with us and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!!

Thanks to Jessica Frey Photography & CSE Photography.

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