Wrapping Up the SHOWIT Freedom Speaking Tour

We’re back in Nashville and what a fab few last days it has been!

On Thursday morning last week, we flew into the Windy City and met up with the SHOWIT team for the Chicago leg! Hanging out that afternoon was great (of course, had to stop at H&M on the way!) and that evening the tour went really well. We met so many of you and boy, Chicago has a great community of photographers out there! Through the night we rode the bus with the SHOWIT team, got officially inducted (ha ha), and woke up in Nashville and did everything again that evening!

We are so glad that we were able to be a part of this and thanks to all of you who came out!

Unfortunately, we really didn’t take that many pictures but we thought we would share what we have and what we were given from other photogs!

Below we have David Jay, who is the creator behind SHOWIT, the platform that thousands use for their websites. DJ has a great heart for equipping others with knowledge & resources so they truly can have a great business but not be bound to it. Freedom is what it’s all about!

If you haven’t heard the pipes of Molly Jenson – you need to. This girl provided the tunes for the tour and has a fantastic voice and is a pleasure to listen to (and very entertaining… ha ha). Way to go Nashville, for being her favorite stop!

This was our first time meeting Jim Davis Hicks a wedding & philanthropic photographer. He was on the tour getting the word out on his Action Runner goodness (who sponsored the tour), as well as Thirst Relief International. Jim has a great heart for people and is also a hilarious hang.

The Thirst Relief booth.

Bob & Dawn Davis were the other speakers at the Chicago stop. Sadly, we didn’t bring our camera so the best we have is an iPhone photo of Bob sharing and doing a lighting demo…

Below is a shot of the Chicago speaking clan taken by Russell of Tiberius Images.

We had never met Bob & Dawn before, and wow, what a great couple. We love their passion for not only their work, but for their family! If you have not checked them out…. you should :)

For the Nashville leg, the ever-so-joyful and sweet Sarah Barlow joined the speaker lineup and shared all of her goodness about branding and how to be productive by sharing great tips on running your day-to-day business.

Wrapping up each tour was the fab Kevin Sturm. Kevin is such a great guy and is a huge part of SHOWIT. He also facilitated all of the details and logistics for the whole tour and is the man! You ‘da best, Kevin!

So we totally stink because Mr. Andrew Barlow was a big part in making each of the SHOWIT Tour stops work when it came to the mics, sound, video, but alas, we have no photos of him!! (Well, I do have the one iPhone photo with the clown glasses, but I don’t think he would be too thrilled with us posting it…). Andrew is dedicated to SHOWIT and to all of the SHOWIT users. We kid you not, he was up late when all of us were having fun responding to SHOWIT users needs and requests. Talk about customer service!! Follow Andrew on Twitter and tell him he’s the bomb! :)

Props go to Nashville based photographer Michael Gomez, who is co-owner of Nashbox Studios – the SWEET place that the SHOWIT Nashville leg took place at. (Side note – Nashville area photogs – if you are looking for a space that you can utilize every now and then for studio work, Nashbox Studios is a FAB place to check out).

And lastly, here are some photos of us taken in Chicago (thanks Russ!) & Nashville (thanks Ginny!).

Us, getting ready to go on…

Doin’ our thang in Chicago!

Doin’ our thang in Nashville… Our favorite part – sharing our journey and where we came from…

My studly hubby… :)

Some photos by the lovely Ginny Corbett

Again, we had a great time being a part of the tour. Thanks again to DJ and his team for asking us to come out and allowing us to share with others, and thanks to all of you photographers who came out and listened! We were just as blessed by your stories…