You’ve Got (too much) Mail

Have you messaged us on Facebook and gotten no response?

….And then still no response?

…Wondering if we’re ignoring you?

Never fear!

We’re not ignoring you!   =D

FacebookEmails copy

We do love hearing from you on Facebook, but if there is something time sensitive, please feel free to directly email us at [email protected] and [email protected] and you will hear back from us in a much more timely fashion!

Anyone know how to send auto responses through Facebook???  Is there an app for it?  ha ha…

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  • Tyler

    Holy cow! You need to hire a receptionist. ;)


  • Jody Gray

    I couldn’t agree more :) Superb idea!

  • tiffany zajas

    I wholeheartedly agree! Facebook messages complicate things. I’m not aware of a way to auto respond on FB…but if you figure it out, please do share! :)

  • Jeff Goins

    Yup, welcome to the world of people recognizing you on facebook and sending business emails to you that way. Not cool.

    Btw, just an FYI: auto-responses (not available on facebook to my knowledge) are not always the best way to go, especially with customer service. You may consider outsourcing, if need be.

  • Ginny Corbett

    Sheesh…I thought I had it rough. I was stressing about having 15 facebook emails! Ah, the joy of perspective!

  • Scarlett Lillian

    Oh gosh if you figure out an app for an away message on FB, please share it with me. I have like 500 in my inbox!

  • Lee C.

    Thats alot of inbox messages!!!! Thats what you guys get for being so popular :-)

  • Jeff

    There’s an app for it, but it only works on Macs….sorry :) LOL!