You’ve Got (too much) Mail

Have you messaged us on Facebook and gotten no response?

….And then still no response?

…Wondering if we’re ignoring you?

Never fear!

We’re not ignoring you!   =D

FacebookEmails copy

We do love hearing from you on Facebook, but if there is something time sensitive, please feel free to directly email us at and and you will hear back from us in a much more timely fashion!

Anyone know how to send auto responses through Facebook???  Is there an app for it?  ha ha…

  • Tyler

    Holy cow! You need to hire a receptionist. ;)


  • Jody Gray

    I couldn’t agree more :) Superb idea!

  • tiffany zajas

    I wholeheartedly agree! Facebook messages complicate things. I’m not aware of a way to auto respond on FB…but if you figure it out, please do share! :)

  • Jeff Goins

    Yup, welcome to the world of people recognizing you on facebook and sending business emails to you that way. Not cool.

    Btw, just an FYI: auto-responses (not available on facebook to my knowledge) are not always the best way to go, especially with customer service. You may consider outsourcing, if need be.

  • Ginny Corbett

    Sheesh…I thought I had it rough. I was stressing about having 15 facebook emails! Ah, the joy of perspective!

  • Scarlett Lillian

    Oh gosh if you figure out an app for an away message on FB, please share it with me. I have like 500 in my inbox!

  • Lee C.

    Thats alot of inbox messages!!!! Thats what you guys get for being so popular :-)

  • Jeff

    There’s an app for it, but it only works on Macs….sorry :) LOL!